Imperia Online welcomes young minds

Our studio was visited by youths, who love games and dream of becoming part of the industry.

The gaming industry is always in demand for workers.

Our studio too. And we particularly want people who love games. Because we love games.

And when our government creates programs to incentivize people to study to become developers, we are more than happy to help.

One such event occurred last week, when students from the Bulgarian Technological School for Electronic systems (TUES) visited Imperia Online HQ, looking for future options for their careers.

It’s always nice to meet young people and see how big their eyes become, when they walk around the studio, asking all kinds of questions and getting amazed by everything.

After all – we were all in their shoes once. And we were all dreaming of creating games and having fun, while doing it.

That’s the most important thing we told the youngsters – never stop having fun and enjoy life.

And if you work, while having fun – all the better.

So, we hope that we helped these young boys and girls find their way to the world of gaming.

And we wish them all well!

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