10 000 Registrations for the World Cup for a Day!

Do we have new Big Players, looking at the current participants count?

Imperia Online World Cup 201524 hours have passed since the Registrations for the Imperia Online World Cup 2015 were opened. More than 10 000 players have already registered for the game’s most anticipated and elite tournament. More than 117 nations will have representatives in the World Cup Qualifiers, which start on November 5th, but will all of them be able to form national teams? According to the championship’s rules 5 players from each nation must have net worth points at the end of the Qualifiers, so they can be automatically transformed into a National team.

Judging by the current status of the registrations, we will probably see new faces among the Big Players in the Qualifiers. Brazil leads the contestants count, followed by Romania, Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Georgia and Egypt are the pleasant surprises, as both nations have way more contestants signed up, compared to traditionally strong states like Poland, Italy and Croatia. Of course, the general rule of thumb in the World Cup is that quality is before quantity, but, when you have more competition, you always end up with better players in the team.

Only time will prove us right or wrong.

Good luck to all of you, brave warriors!

For Country and Glory!

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