10 signs you are doing fine in Nomads: All-Stars

10 waves before the end of Imperia Online’s first esports event, it is time to check our players’ health status in the tournament.

So, we hear you are fighting for a grand prize of 5000 EUROS in Nomads: All-Stars?

But how are you doing really?

Here are 10 signs you are doing fine so far:


  1. You still have a home. Yes, you can play All-Stars in a carton box as well, especially if your family doesn’t buy your arguments how important the tournament is for your life, but it’s way better to play in a healthy environment, right?
  2. You have eaten today. Recruiting armies and calculating battles require enormous amounts of brain power. And this brain needs its daily dose of pancakes, waffles, chocolate and fries.
  3. You still have lives left. Key word is “still”. Because having 50 lives means you are a robot. Having 0 means you suck. But having something in the middle means you fight dramatic fights and you make mistakes, because you are human. People can relate to you.
  4. You have defeated more than 2 billion enemy troops. Congratulations! You are officially epic! Or insane. Actually, this reason should not be in this list… 2 billion? Are you serious? Yes, we are asking you, Mr. Chainik!
  5. You have constructed the biggest and, at the same time, the most useless wonder in your Capital. Because you have to be remembered in this tournament, no matter what. Useful wonders are for suckers!
  6. Mitko & George talk about you in their livestreams. Because no matter how boring Nomads: All-Stars statistics can be, you are automatically raised to star status, when random streamers and youtubers talk about you. Right?
  7. You are Sir_Xari.
  8. You are NOT Sir_Xari.
  9. You have 10 friends, who have actually agreed to become your slaves for 1 month and watch your account, while you eat, sleep, go to work, take care of your family… You know – living a normal life.
  10.  You are playing in a tournament, where the 286 best of the best players in Imperia Online play as well. No other reason is needed, actually.

Full tournament info can be found here.

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