10,000 Players Will Play World Cup 2017

4 days left until the tournament’s launch and things are getting kinda hectic already

You know that feeling when you are about to receive a big present…
Nobody tells you what would it be, but you know it will be a big one. And you start to feel butterflies flying into your stomach, no matter how old are you.
Those 10,000 players, who have already registered for Imperia Online’s most anticipated and elite tournament – the World Cup – surely feel extremely excited.

The game forums are already filled with topics and comments about the upcoming competition.
Those, who have already played and won medals in the World Cup, are wondering who their opponents be – both in the Qualifiers for the Top 30 spots in the national team, and those, who will be their main rivals in the final stage.

Bulgaria and Brazil are going neck to neck for the most registered players from a nation, followed by Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Russia.
More than 29 players will compete for one spot in the national team for Bulgaria and Brazil during the Qualifiers. Imagine the struggle…
Will these nations really create strong teams, if they have such stiff competition?

What about the rest of the countries?
Time will tell, but we surely hope so!
You have 4 days left to register for the World Cup, people!
Don’t wait until the last moment! Unless you are all waiting for the last moment and will try to bring our servers down.
Bring it on!

Full tournament info on: http://worldcup.imperiaonline.org


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