13 out of 13 for DeathSquad in Imperia Online Winter Games 2019

Another milestone in our tournaments history reached by DeathSquad alliance.

They actually did it.

We didn’t believe it’s possible. Even our SYSTEM was telling us it would be impossible.

But now it’s a fact – for the first time in the history of our Games Tournaments a single player alliance managed to win a full complement of gold medals.

That’s right – DeathSquad alliance won 13 gold medals out of 13 disciplines in Winter Games 2019.

Was that their plan all along?

Most definitely, judging by the playstyle they offered to the competition in Winter Games 2019.

DeathSquad gave no corner to any alliance and they didn’t even need “friends” this time. If they did, we would probably see another entity with gold from some of the final disciplines. That means they had enough power to go all the way and that means a carefully prepared tactical plan way before the Winter Games 2019 start.

Impressive, DeathSquad.

Most impressive!

All in all the other teams did what they could to compete with the winners and some of them did pretty well.

We see some of the “usual suspects” in the final Top 10 – Jeriko, Old_Friends, Olimp, Corsarios, JedyMaster_Ioda and… we also see a new Kid in the Block – Legiunea_RO alliance, which managed to snatch medals from the regulars in this tournament. Do we have a new star alliance in the Games – time will tell.

Now is the time for celebrations though – DeathSquad scored a flawless victory in Winter Games 2019.

Congratulations and respect!

Full tournament info can be found here.



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