The Invincible Warriors of IO: Our executive baker- producer

This week we boldly entered the territory of Middle Management as we are presenting our executive producer – Kaloyan Ganchev.

Unlike other colleagues, he did not provide us with information about himself in Email or a message in Skype, but as usual we had to discuss it face to face. Don’t stress yourself guys, we strictly followed the three Ds (discipline, disinfection and distance).

Video games have always been part of his life since early childhood. He started playing at the age of 4, and in the distant year of 2003 he created his first game, a quest developed on Flash. Where? “In the garage” (a.k.a his room), like a real game-dev ninja.

Kaloyan graduated from a high school with a profile in Computer Systems and Technologies. He dropped out of college two times and returning from a cultural exchange visit to the United States in 2007, he was determined that it was high time he turned his video game hobby into something more than just an activity he does in his spare time. He shares that it was life among the people in the USA that has convinced him that it is never too late to dream and fight to achieve your goals. #americandream

In the period 2007-2014, he classifies himself entirely as an independent (indie) developer, and even a “journalist” in one of the popular fan sites dedicated to the gaming industry ( back then. He embodies the role of game designer, level designer, artist, QA, producer, biz dev and so on. He created the first entirely Bulgarian turn-based RPG (A Hero’s Tale). He released an improved English version of it, which was distributed on some of the largest independent gaming platforms at the time. He became part of the Ivent team, which developed the first independent PlayStation 3 game (Strength of the Sword 3). He has a number of other participations in various game projects. A short pause to catch our breath …

Armed with vast experience from his early independent projects, he decided to experience first-hand what life is like in the corporate world and in 2014 he joined the imperial ranks. Here he has participated in the development and management of almost all projects of the company related to games – from a number of mobile titles, through Imperia Online, Imperial Hero 2, Seasons of War, Baloot Royale, to the VR title “Codename: Phantom”. A short pause to catch our breath again …

He admits that he feels good in the company and one of the things that has kept him with us for so many years is the feeling of independence in performing tasks and leading teams. He says he tries to pass it on to the people he works with. He likes to share his knowledge and skills. You can often see (rather hear) him passionately explaining to someone how a game’s mechanics are implemented in a game, why a PlayStation is better than an Xbox, or what DLSS, VRS, SSR, SSAO, MSAA, and RT are. The editors are convinced that there is nothing interesting behind these randomly written letters.

You will hardly find him on social networks, but like other colleagues he has traveled the world. We will not list the destinations, because we will run out of air again. We asked for photos, but #NotToday. Instead of giving us compromising material, he wished us to see every corner we dream of. What a good man… I hope he is like that when it comes to approving holidays for his team.

From time to time (we are waiting) he takes care of the gastronomic comfort of colleagues, entertaining them with homemade coconut candy, biscuit cake, muffins or other sweet temptation.

Some of his hobbies include watching many movies and listening to music in a variety of genres and styles. And did you know that for several years he has been interested in perfumery? His current collection has been modest, but we have our doubts about the veracity of this statement. The editors are expecting Roja Parfums for a Christmas present, but in the last resort, something from the Dior Privée collection. #ATasteofBergamot

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