45 Imperial Defenders Stood Undefeated by the Nomads

45 Imperial Defenders won the title ‘Undefeated’ at the end of the Nomad Invasions tournament. The number exceeded all predictions by far and the players proved their strategic skills to the whole world once more.

Imperia Online now has its brand new medalists by net worth points after the final Nomad wave hit on Monday.

The Gold Medal went to Sir_Xari (Bulgaria).

The Silver Medal was won by alliznhoj (USA).

The Bronze was claimed by DoutorRenato (Brazil).

Alliznoj was also the conqueror of the ‘Ultimate Warrior’ and ‘Bloodiest Warrior’ titles.

The tournament started with almost 6500 players and the biggest number by country belonged to Brazil once again. However, the most ‘Undefeated’ players turned out to be Bulgarians – 11 out of 45. Then there was Romania with 5 and the third spot was shared by Brazil, Russia and Turkey with 3 ‘Undefeated’ players each.

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