5 Reasons to Be in the Spring Games

Less than 24 hours until the Imperia Online’s new tournament launch we once again share our wisdom with the seekers of fame.


More than 7000 players, who have already registered in Imperia Online’s upcoming Spring Games may skip this article, of course. Because they know.
But, if you are among those, who haven’t decided yet whether to sign up for the new tournament or not – here are 5 reasons why you should be there:

1. It’s spring. Everything alive wakes up again. Trees blossom. The birds are singing. All is well. Except constant weather changes, storms with heavy rain, high winds and whatnot. You cannot possibly know what kind of clothes to wear tomorrow. So, why bother going out, when you can stay home, suplly yourself with large quantities of pizza and beer and try your skills against the best of the best in IO?

2. It’s spring. You are most probably stuck with tons of choirs – spring cleaning, spring break for your kids, which have to be taken care of… you know the drill. So, while stuck at home, why don’t you mix business with pleasure? You can even score points in front of your partner, if you volunteer to stay at home, right?

3. It’s spring. The best time, when you can get “sick”. It’s a historical fact. You can use this argument both at work and home. Be sure you sneeze convincingly. If you manage to do the acting, you can easily rake in several days off. Perfect for playing an IO tournament, right? Having little kids is the easier way, because they always get sick and if you hang around them for some time, you will most definitely catch something they already have.

4. You don’t have anything else to do. Well, you do, but, you know how it is – Spring Games are a serious internet business. That Grand Slam won’t win by itself, right? And you happen to miss only one medal from an IO competition, in order to achieve it. The time has come then! Good luck with explaining this to your partner, who wants you to take the family to a vacation in the mountains and hug trees. Here’s an idea – send them on a vacation without you!

5. You don’t need any reason for participating in our Spring Games, because you love our game and you love playing with your friends. In that case – welcome, warrior! Glory awaits you!

The Imperia Online Spring Games launch May 12th, 3 PM Server Time.
Be there!

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