5 Ways to Get in a Mood for the Imperia Online Winter Games

With 4 days remaining until the year’s 1st big tournament, we give you some free advice on how to prepare mentally for the challenge.

Are you into winter? Well, you should be, if you want to be effective in Winter Games.

Here’s what we think you should do:

  1. If you live in a country with no winter, immediately relocate to a country with winter. We hear Europe has countries with nice winter at the moment. Too nice at some places to be fair.
  2. If you play Imperia Online chances are you don’t go skiing much. The solution is to move your PC outside and play the game for some time. You will get into winter mood fast. Remember to go back inside before it’s too late though.
  3. If you have children and they are still young, tell them you want to watch Disney movies with them. You will quickly appreciate Winter Games a lot more than watching Disney movies with your children all day. 
  4. Tell your spouse you actually want to clean the house, to cook dinner and to take the kids out in the park, so she can relax. Your spouse will immediately declare you sick and will ask how to help you. Answer that only Winter Games will make you feel better and all will be well.
  5. Or just log into imperiaonline.org and register for the 2020’s first big tournament until February 10th!

5000 players already did it. What are you waiting for?


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