5 ways to survive Halloween in Imperia Online

A weekend before October 31st we present you with a useful guide

5 ways to survive Halloween in Imperia Online

Every self-respecting ruler in the realms of Imperia Online should properly prepare himself for the upcoming scary holiday, right? If you haven’t experienced these festivities in our game yet, here are some useful tips you should consider, while waiting for the fun to begin:

1. Put on your best Halloween suit – being visible to the rest of the royal community in your realm is important. Having a glowing pumpkin as avatar, for example, can make your enemies take pity on you and not attack you that often… Or not.

2. Prepare lots of treats for your friends and your foes – when you see a foreign army marching towards your empire, the least you can do is writing a message to its owner, informing him you have candies ready for his soldiers.

3. Turn your Royal Palace into Haunted Palace – getting your royal family out of their home and settling them to live among your subjects is always good for your people’s morale. After that you can fill the palace with glowing pumpkins and invite the common folk to tours… and even tax them for tickets! Everybody wins!

4. Make lots of troops – you will need soldiers to replenish your candy stocks, after you spend them for treating the enemy armies, right? Send your army to neutral cities and barbarian camps and you’ll see that they will get a lot of candies!

5. Be there – this is a no-brainer. The Halloween event, called Grim Harvest, starts on Monday, October 31st. Everyone will login to join the fun! Is there any reason for you to not be present?

The time has come for some spooky fun, Your Majesties!

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