7 Ways to Survive Christmas in Imperia Online

Time for some priceless advices for successful holiday gaming!

7 Ways to Survive Christmas in Imperia Online
Brace yourselves! Christmas is coming!

So, what? You shouldn’t panic at all. Playing Imperia Online during the holidays can and will increase the level of your happiness dramatically. Here is what you have to do:

1. Apply for Diplomat position in your alliance. If you get the job, you will be able to negotiate peace treaties with rival alliances and, ergo – get involved in less wars. Which means – easier holidays generally.

2. Put on angels, Santa Clause, Rudolph or other Christmas-themed pictures as your profile avatar. Studies show people might go along with your Christmas spirit and harass you less with their pillaging armies. Right? Well, it’s an idea.

3. Whenever you see those red crossed swords on your screen, immediately send at least 10 personal messages to their owner with Christmas wishes, smiles and “Ho-Ho-Ho”s. If you are not feeling very poetic, there are numerous web-sites with Christmas wishes to help you calm the aggressor.

4. Paint your neighbor’s house for free. This way you have an additional base of operations to hop in and check your account, if your family doesn’t allow you to play during the holidays. After all – the dog always needs walking, right?

5. Buy your family the presents they want. This way they will be so happy they won’t notice you checking upon your Barbarian Camps raids from time to time.

6. Go easy on the wine. Chances are, you are a member of an alliance, whose leader will definitely declare war to multiple alliances on Christmas Eve, because he will assume most of rival players will be off to celebrate. Your head needs to be clear, soldier!

7. Practice your lame excuses, so they can sound convincing enough for your family, if you get caught checking your account. You WILL get caught, it’s a fact.

But most of all – try to enjoy both the time spent with your family and the time spent with your friends in IO. Best advice of them all.

And remember – Christmas is coming!

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