A Classic Has Evolved on Facebook – Ludo Blitz Is Here!

We all know and love the board game of luck and strategy – Ludo! Imperia Online has now perfected it and released it on Facebook for everyone to enjoy!

Ludo Blitz Gameplay

Share it with your friends so that you get to play with them instead of strangers and enjoy the ultra fun sounds and animations Ludo Blitz is full of!

Boosters and AnimationsThe gameplay is simple – when your turn comes, an animated die replaces your portrait. You then have to click on it in order to get a roll.

But luck is definitely not all in Ludo Blitz. It’s even better than the original due to the numerous possibilities the Boosters provide. They are bought in the Store with in-game coins – the same ones you bet and win on the board. They can also be used to buy new Animations and they really rock! Make your victory sweeter taunting your opponents with special, ultra fun animations. They’ll feel the pain, guaranteed!

So, are you up for the challenge? Prove to your friends it’s not all about luck in Ludo Blitz!

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