A new Blitz Realm is coming!

Get ready for the most challenging Blitz Realm yet!

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We thought about a new Realm, with a new ruleset, for quite some time now.

Two features are important, when you create such realm – popularity and “l33t-ness”. The first one is no brainer – our most popular Realm is the Megablitz. All the players, who enjoy a more challenging and competitive gameplay are in it. They even use it to practice and prepare for our most elite annual tournament – the World Cup. So, when we connected the dots, it became clear that we need a new Megablitz, with a ruleset that would make it extremely competitive. And thus, the Blitz Masters Realm was born! Its main features? We’re glad you asked!

  • Speed: x10
  • Diminished resources from Barbarian Camps;
  • Huge Map with 36 Castles;
  • Tweaked Influence Points Ranking System;
  • Bonus Income, depending on your current rank;

Get ready as the new grand challenge is coming soon!

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