Alabalakiwi: We don’t want Russia in the Group Stage

One of Romania’s Top Dogs in the Qualifiers answers our hot World Cup 2017 questions in an exclusive interview.

Alabalakiwi is one of those Romanian players, who have so many medals from Imperia Online tournaments that they have to start pinning them on their knees. He has a Grand Slam award, he has 2 silver medals from World Cups 2015 and 2016 and he is currently one of the leaders in Romania, who are expected to drive the team along the road to victory. After two consecutive silver medals, will World Cup 2017 be the one Romania will finally win? Alabalakiwi was kind enough to answer our hard questions only several days before the Group Stage begins.

IO: Rumor has it Romania will go for the gold in World Cup 2017. How true is this rumor?

Alabalakiwi: These rumors are completely true. Romanian team will definitely try to get that first place in this WC. Second or third place for us will be the same as any other place in Top 10.

IO: Has Romania already secured friendly nations for the Finals, assuming the Group Stage will not be a problem?

Alabalakiwi: Romania always knows how to keep its friends close, gaining their trust along the way through honor and fair-play. Now that all teams are trying to make new friends/allies, Romania can have an advantage in having them by our side for quite some time.

IO: Which teams you don’t want in Romania’s Group after the Live Draw?

Alabalakiwi: Except the Russian Team, which everyone hopes to avoid in the Group Stage, because of the power they are showing in the Qualifiers, we don’t have any preferences regarding our opponents.

IO: How can Romania win the gold medal? What will the battle plan be?

Alabalakiwi: Our plan is not having a plan. We are going to make a new plan every day in the final stage, adapting our strategy depending of what happens on the map.

IO: Which are the national teams, who can cause problems to Romania?

Alabalakiwi: Naming 2-3 teams is a mistake. We can’t underestimate any of them. Even if a team is not a gold medal candidate, that doesn’t mean it can pose a problem for us.

IO: What is Romania’s plan for the Group Stage? Do you guys have plans B, C or D, in case of “bad” Group Draw?

Alabalakiwi: Our plan is to try to experiment with some strategies for the final stage. A “bad” group would be a good thing, because they will keep us awake during the Group Stage, and a stronger opponent could mean a better training for the Finals.

IO: Were there any surprises in the Qualifiers? How do you feel about the attacks?

Alabalakiwi: The attacks are like everyone wants them, depending on the chosen strategy – a long or short term strategy. They can maintain the strength of the attack at a low level or they can increase it as they wish. The attacks can only be good, if you know how to generate them.

IO: Romania is a traditional medalist in the World Cup. Can you point some of the Romanian players, who will be the “stars” in the World Cup 2017?

Alabalakiwi: Having many networth points does not make you a star. Every player will have his own role in the team. So, every player is a little star.

IO: Will Romania play with honor in the World Cup or “Everything is allowed in love and war?”

Alabalakiwi: I think every big national team will play with honor and will not cross the line, because it won’t gain anything, so everything is allowed to a certain extent, depending on limits, established by each team.

IO: Say something to your opponents.

Alabalakiwi: Make the right decisions and choose your friends wisely. There is always a room for a new friend on the Romanian ship. Good luck to everyone!alabalakiwi2Small part of alabalakiwi’s achievements in Imperia Online.

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