alliznhoj – The Absolute Nomads 10 Dominator!

The “fresh” world champion with Croatia wanted to have it all. And he did!

Nomads Invasions 10 Winners

This is the year of alliznhoj (a.k.a Johnzilla, as we all like to call him). No doubt about it. For a period of one year the new IO star managed to win so many awards and acolytes, that he is now member of the game’s legendary pantheon of extraordinary players. And those extraordinary players are very few, indeed.

After a silver medal and numerous individual awards, earned in Nomads Invasions 9, Johnzilla joined Croatian national team and led it to its second world title. But that wasn’t enough for the new IO monster – he wanted to prove that he can be an amazing solo player as well. Plus, he was missing the Nomads Champion Crown. So, when the opportunity presented itself, Johnzilla was there to grab it. The 10th Anniversary Edition of IO’s most elite individual tournament was totally dominated by Johnzilla. Not only did he win the champion title with a cracking networth difference, but he also earned Undefeated, Ultimate Warrior and Bloodiest Warriors individual acolytes, which is an extraordinary accomplishment on its own. I know what you will say: He got lucky. Anyone can do it. The tournament is easy. Well, no. Because winnig 25 out of 26 possible Battles of the Day, facing massive, regularly boosted nomad armies in 6, 7, 8 and even 9 provinces at the same time and, not losing a single life in the process – that’s not luck. That’s skill. And when you have that kind of skill, you deserve to be the single dominant force in a… single-player tournament (pun intended).

It’s worth mentioning John’s main rivals and his runner-up, of course – risaras, the traditionally solid lithuanian player, who grabbed the silver medal, and _Beco_, from Bulgaria, who earned the bronze.

The other two players, who will enjoy their Undefeated awards, are also known players – the Croatian national Igor_… and the Bulgarian neelka. Much respect to them.

So, all in all the 10th Anniversary edition of Nomads Invasions once again confirmed the general trend in IO – you need more than luck, if you want your name to be remembered.

You need skills.

Congratulations to the winners and see you in the next tournament!

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