An0Maly Alliance wins the Spring Games and It’s not an Anomaly

The Top Dogs in Imperia Online got together and left no chance to the competition.


The spring is the season in which everything wakes up for life.

So, we – the Imperia Online community – were awaken as well to witness the victorious march of the An0Maly alliance, which left no doubt about which way the things in the Spring Games will go. Well, obviously their way. The 12 gold medals are the proof. The victors’ start in the competition was rough though. Many key members initially decided to play in rival alliances, seeking greater challenges. But after the tournament’s first half passed things came into place and An0Maly performed a classic final sprint, in which they easily won every single gold medal. This is Sir_Xari’s third major event win, as An0Maly’s Leader, after his World Cup title with Poland and Nomads XII gold medal. Can we say “IO Legend”? Yes, quite loud even.

Another major star in Imperia Online – the Nomads XII Lord of Individual Achievements – ivicakum, did absolutely everything in his powers to help DreamTeam fight the leaders throughout the entire tournament, but it was not enough and they had to take the second place. Nevertheless, 3 gold, 7 silver and 2 bronze medals are an amazing achievement by itself, worthy of recognition, considering how powerful An0Maly were.

The predominantly Russian alliance OLIMP proved that they were a force to be reckoned with. This time the Russians even improved their performance and managed to steal several silver medals in this tournament. Will Russia be the new major player to win a medal in the upcoming World Cup? Judging by their play in the Spring Game we vote YES with both our hands.

Which brings us to the main “anomaly” in this competition – for the first time in the Games’ history we have 4 other alliance besides the Top 3, which gained medals – Myrmidon, Corsarios, __BALKAN___ and RUZGARBIRLIGI. Many tournament viewers voiced their opinions that the Spring Games were boring and one-sided, with An0Maly and all other. Well… these 4 alliances proved them wrong. Why? Because they fought until the very end and for that they deserve respect.

So, respect to them and to all other alliances, who ended up in Spring Games Top 10.
Yet another glorious page was written in the history of Imperia Online by its players.
Which will be the next one – we will find out pretty soon!

Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants in Spring Games!

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