Animated Battle and the New Global Map – Now in Game!

Imperia Online opens the fall season with two exclusive features!

Animated Battle and the New Global Map - Now in Game!

Two are the important conditions for victory – to know all the facts, regarding the battle and to know where you are, when fighting.

We are now confident to say that Imperia Online is on its way to meet these conditions by deploying of the long-waited modules – Animated Battle and the New Global Map.

The fall is coming and with it – the long evenings, in which there is nothing more important than war. To know the context of their battles, the players will now be provided with an animated military report, which they will be able to watch whenever they want, as many times as they want:

  • Custom animation speed;
  • Options for skipping certain battle phases;
  • Detailed information about each military group, participating in the battle;
  • Immersive atmosphere, which will make you feel like a real military commander;
  • Simple and intuitive visual elements, which will give you an easy answer to the question; Why did I win/Why did I lose?

And if the general doesn’t want to lose his war, he, above all, must know where he is and where his enemy is. In this sense the new and improved global map in IO is more than just a new module. It is now a powerful instrument in the hands of each strategist:

  • Total scaling of the Mini-map elements;
  • All the filters you need;
  • Extremely optimized and light, going easy on your PC;

A new fall, new era, new modules.

Now in game!

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