Anton Malinov: E-sports breaks the cliche that games are meant only for children

PHP Developer at Imperia Online JSC for DevStyler’s “Game Developers” rubric

This text has been taken from an interview which Anton gave for DevStyleR, a Bulgarian website discussing all things related to software developers and specialists. 

DevStyler: Introduce yourself, please.

A.M.: My name is Anton Malinov and I’ve been a part of the gaming industry for more than 4 years. Pursuing my dream of making video games, I got into Imperia Online and its IT Academy. Successfully graduating the academy opened the door for me to become a part of the country’s biggest game developing studio – Imperia Online JSC. During my time here I’ve worked on more than 12 different titles.

DevStyler: Which platforms do you work on and what programming languages do you use?

A.M.: I started as a Java Developer, but gradually, because of the many different projects I was involved in, today I mainly code on PHP.

DevStyler: What was the most difficult problem you had to face, while working on a game?

A.M.: The most difficult aspect of every game is providing the players with the perfect sense of control. The speed with which the player’s every single action reflects on his gameplay is the most important thing in my work. Thus, the biggest problems I’ve encountered, were the performance ones, as well as problems regarding the competition between thousands of users.

DevStyler: When is a game ready in your opinion?

A.M.: I think that the final phase is different for each game and is determined by its development plan. In my opinion a game should be shared with the audience as soon as possible.

A suitable moment would be after we have a clear idea and concept of the game, while at the same time its main functionalities have been implemented and fully operational. The sooner we can see how the game is accepted by the gamers the better.

DevStyler: Do you follow e-sports?

A.M.: Yes, I might even say that e-sports are sort of a hobby of mine. I follow the current titles, as well as some of the old classics. 

DevStyler: What kind of games are suitable for e-sports and why?

A.M.: I think that games, which have a high level of competition between players, which also promote cooperation and team play, are the most suitable ones. Having a great number of skills at your disposal is also important, if you want to achieve good results. The ability to achieve higher and higher results thanks to training, new tactics and perfecting your skills, is what separates the top titles from all other.

DevStyler: Which e-sports game do you like?

A.M.: I think the best e-sports games at the moment are Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike and Fortnite.

 DevStyler: Do you have a favourite team and have you participated in a tournament yourself?

A.M.: I cheer for European teams and and my favourite one is Fnatic. They won me with their unrelenting spirit and their desire to play until the very end, no matter the cost. I have participated in several small tournaments on FIFA and World of Warcraft and I hope I will do better in the future.

DevStyler: Do the developers have an advantage, when they participate in e-sports?

A.M.: Quite often, when I play a certain game, I think about how a certain mechanic is made, how does it work and how can I use it optimally. While this helps me learn the basics of a game, I don’t think it gives me an advantage over anyone. The necessary knowledge and experience I need in order to achieve a high level in an e-sports game, are much more than the knowledge I have from analysis of certain gameplay mechanics.

DevStyler: How does e-sports affect the game industry?

A.M.: E-sports help games to reach a greater audience and break the cliche that games are meant for children. This way the game markets expand and the industry develops.

DevStyler: Do you think e-sports will ever become Olympic sports?

A.M.: Maybe in a while. But in the next few years I expect more and more combined e-sports forums and pretty soon – the first Gaming Olympics.

DevStyle: What kind of advice would you give to all the developers, who make their first steps in the business?

A.M.: To follow their dreams and never give into the myths that developing games is for children and it’s not a profession in which you could make a career.

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