Winter is coming in the Barbarian Camps, turning them into Jolly Camps, ready to be smashed.

What a good season winter is!

Deers flying all over the place, carrying questionable personas with bags full of goods (probably stolen!), people you love (or hate!) wanting to give you presents, annoying loved ones nagging you all day that you should decorate your entire castle with shiny sparkling useless stuff… etc., etc…

Every self-respecting medieval ruler would go mad during Christmas… Except the ones playing Imperia Online, because Imperia Online knows what every self-respecting ruler needs – Jolly Camps!

That’s why during the Christmas Holidays the Jolly Camps will once again make their appearance in the realms of Imperia!

Find them!

Smash them (if you can)!

And the best of you will get Winter Chests full of goodies at the end!

Noble warriors, Christmas is coming!

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