Brazil Is The New World Champion Of Imperia Online!

The most elite tournament in Imperia Online ended on Saturday with a brand new world champion – BRAZIL!

The South Americans claimed the first place with the same confidence they started their performance in this year’s World Cup! Their name will be engraved in the Cup of the One and they will receive 150 000 Diamonds!

The Final Rankings and Influence Map

The Final Rankings and Influence Map

The runner-ups are Croatia and Iran who are respectivelly getting a Silver and a Bronze medal. Iran had a fierce fight with Turkey for the third spot in the last 24 hours of the tournament, but prevailed in the end.

So the Ranking by influence points goes as follows:

  1. Brazil
  2. Croatia
  3. Iran
  4. Turkey
  5. Romania
  6. Italy
  7. Poland
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Serbia
  10.  Spain
  11.  BosniaAndHerzegovina

For more statistics, information and a talk with a Brazilian national player, check out the latest World Cup Live Stream:

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