Break Free With Cluster Six

Cluster Six

Boundaries, obstacles, limitations… None of those scare you in the high tech world of Cluster Six.

ScreenshotImperia Online’s latest iOS game reincarnates the player in the body of a shapeshifting robot, sent by a rebel group to break through the defenses of the corporate city-state CLUSTER Six. It then falls on the player to bring essential information to the enclosed districts no matter what the Corporate Cluster throws at them!

And what it throws is in no way small!

Massive walls and high tech security drones are just a tiny part of the obstacles your rebel storms through. Advancement through the four islands grants you up to 6 forms to shapeshift into. And the improvements don’t conclude with this! You’re able to upgrade your cyber systems for an easier escape and for achieving the mythical Flawless Run!

The six forms you can obtain in Cluster Six.

The six forms you can obtain in Cluster Six.

Break free from reality with Cluster Six – download it for free from the App Store and let us know if you were able to accomplish the rebelious mission!

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