Can you pull a “royal flush” at this year’s Dominion Rush?

The Time Has Come for New Territories to be Conquered!

Well, well, did you think we’d let you go for a late-summer vacay? Relax a bit after the Summer Games, give you time to lick your wounds, recoup and maybe work a bit on your tan… Of course not, it’s Dominion Rush season!

This Friday, August 2nd, 3:00 pm server time, registrations open for Dominion Rush Era 3. Participation is FREE and the rewards are highly coveted: the champion alliance gets 5,000,000 diamonds.

But beware, Dominion Rush is arguably one of the most trying tournaments we organize.
The rules are draconian, strategic alliances are crucial and tactics are decisive. Your spirit, perseverance, wits, and courage are to be tested in unfathomable ways.

Let’s go over some main points:

  1. Alliances are limited to a maximum of 10 members – choose your allies wisely!
  2. There are 36 conquerable castles on the map – beware, none can be held indefinitely, as the nomad attacks will be with a constantly ascending strength!
  3. A couple of terms to remember
    – Allegiance – a model of occupation of an alliance castle
    – Conqueror – determines the exact amount of allegiance taken following a successful siege of a castle
  4. Ranking is based on the total score of Defensive points.

If you are up for the challenge, then simply log into the game and register for Dominion Rush! Please note, that only accounts at level 20+ are eligible to participate, or if your account is from version 5 – it has to have more than 500 points.

Your peers are ready… are you?

For the full tournament rules, follow the link.

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