Capturing Great People – Imperia Online’s most historical module ever deployed

Our studio returns to its roots by releasing a classic medieval mechanic in the game.


The Medieval times history teaches us many important lessons.

Perhaps one of the most prominent of them is that as a ruler, you have way bigger advantage over your enemy, if you succeed in capturing his prominent leaders, generals and rulers, instead of vanquishing them.

Wise Emperors during these interesting times were those, who could use every available tools for leverage, when they had to negotiate terms with their rivals. Hefty ransoms and diplomatic agreements were exchanged, so the lives of those captured important persons could be preserved.

And that’s exactly what Imperia Online gave to the players with its new module, called “Dungeon”!

For the first time in the game’s history we are as close to the actual history as we can get.

Because now there is a slight chance for the leader of the player’s army to be captured by the enemy, if he loses the battle.

What happens next depends on the player’s decision weather his captured noble is important for him or not.

If he is, the player will have to pay a ransom in DIAMONDS, in order to release him from the enemy dungeon. To make matters worse, the captured noble continues to occupy the slot in the player’s Royal Court.

And while things are looking quite grim for the player, it is quite the opposite for his enemy, as he will receive 30% of the ransom’s amount, if it’s paid. In Diamonds. Yes, you read correctly.

Thus, the “Dungeon” module puts the players interactions in an entire new perspective. If they, for some reason, didn’t feel quite as medieval rulers in the past, now they can fully immerse themselves in their roles.

So, the tide has turned now, Your Majesties!

Because in Imperia Online, war is not the natural continuation of diplomacy. On the contrary – the real diplomacy begins right after the war is over, because the enemy has captured your Great People!


One comment on “Capturing Great People – Imperia Online’s most historical module ever deployed
  1. This is an awful addition to the game. I spent a lot of time upgrading my general, now he’s dead cause I can’t afford tens of thousands of diamonds to free him. I quit this game. Your devs are morons for adding this feature without a non-diamond option. Bye bye, dillholes!

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