Chainik: You Don’t Win Gold in World Cup without Allies

One of Bulgaria’s veterans steps up to confirm the team’s high ambitions on this year’s tournament.


Chainik is not the kind of guy you usually see in front. He doesn’t like to be famous. Nor does he like to waste his time talking. He’d rather his Imperia Online accomplishments speak for himself. He was the captain of Bulgarian national team in 2015 and he knows how to handle the World Cup’s heat. Now that Bulgaria is pointed as one of the major factors in this year’s tournament, chainik decided to come back after 2 years of absence and be one of the players, who will have the responsibility to lead Bulgaria to its third World Cup title. So, he found some spare time between fending off the last nomad waves in the Qualifiers to answer our questions about Bulgaria’s chances in the competition.

IO: Rumor has it Bulgaria will go for the gold in World Cup 2017. How true is this rumor?

Chainik: Bulgaria has big chance to win a medal in this World Cup.

IO: Has Bulgaria already secured friendly nations for the Finals, assuming the Group Stage will not be a problem?

Chainik: You win the gold medal only if you have the help of strategic allies, with which we are currently negotiating.

IO: Which teams you don’t want in Bulgaria’s Group after the Live Draw?

Chainik: The favorites, of course.

IO: How can Bulgaria win the gold medal? What will the battle plan be?

Chainik: Good play, devotion, self-sharing. Team integrity and a lot of diplomacy.

IO: Which are the national teams, who can cause problems to Bulgaria?

Chainik: Each of the favorites wants the gold. I think if we have good diplomacy, we will avoid any problems.

IO: What is Bulgaria’s plan for the Group Stage? Do you guys have plans B, C or D, in case of “bad” Group Draw?

Chainik: There will be no “bad”group for us. We will overcome the Group Phase.

IO: Were there any surprises in the Qualifiers? How do you feel about the attacks?

Chainik:  No surprises whatsoever. Everyone, who had to be in Top 33, is in Top 33.

IO: Bulgaria is a two times World Champion. Can you point some of the Bulgarian players, who will be the “stars” in the World Cup 2017?

Chainik: Of course, this is the team leader – Sir_Xari. Also, I intend to shine at the end as well (laughs).

IO: Will Bulgaria play with honor in the World Cup or “Everything is allowed in love and war?”

Chainik: We will play honestly and honorably. We will respect our allies and we will beat our enemies. Usage of prohibited devices and software is forbidden in our team.

IO: Say something to your opponents.

Chainik: Respect to all players, fighting for ranking on this World Cup. I wish GG to everyone. May the smarter, more creative and more devoted team win.

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