CODENAME: PHANTOM – The First VR Title from Imperia Online

Our studio has successfully completed one of its most epic projects

Codname_PhantomHave you ever wanted to be a super secret agent, who is called upon, when the situation is impossible?

This is what you get from Imperia Online’s first VR title – Codename: Phantom.

You are faced with different missions, if the form of contracts, in which you have to deal with numerous tactical challenges.

Your character is equipped with a handgun and a state of the art brain implant. The implant allows you to see the enemies’ positioning and which parts of the environment you can interact with, providing you with an overall tactical advantage.

Codename: Phantom spans over 40 levels. The great variety of situations will test your strategic thinking, steady aim and fast reflexes.

Currently there are two game modes – Normal and Hardcore.

Normal mode is the standard way to play the game. It is suitable for people, familiar with shooters and looking for a decent challenge.

Hardcore mode is for those who want more realism and challenge – one shot death, no aim assist, limited Tactical vision and limited ammo.

The game is currently available on the Oculus Store and will be released soon on Steam!

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