Coming To Your Empire: Barbarian Attacks and New Indicators!

Barbarian AttacksPrepare for a brand new factor in your Empire’s survival! Key changes are coming to you this Monday!

From February 9 on, your Empire will become a potential target of vicious Barbarian attacks! It’s not a sure thing your capital or  provinces will be the ‘chosen’ ones by the Barbarians everyday, but there is a good chance you’ll have to defend your holding.

Said chance is actually something that brings yet another implementation in IO’s interface. From Monday on, you’ll be seeing the pretty indicators shown in this post right next to your tax icon!

The Barbarian helm shows the level of threat nearby camps are posing to your holdings.

If it’s green – you’re in the clear. If it’s yellow, you better prepare for an incoming attack. If it’s red – the invasion of your holding is a sure thing, so it’s best if you get ready!

The pop-up window even shows the expected strength of the attack and which holdings should get an additional defence.

Expected strength

And that’s not all!

The bar to the left of your bag of gold indicates the tax level in the current holding.

If it’s full – you’ve set the tax at its highest, and – respectivelly – if it’s empty – the tax is most probably zero.

So, how do you like the changes coming to you on Monday? And what else would you like to see in the game?

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