Compete with yourself in Imperia Online

Competing with other players is officially not enough. It’s time for something more.

Let’s say you have achieved everything in Imperia Online.

You have won all the medals, you have beaten all your enemies, you have conquered all the lands, which can be conquered.

What’s left then?

Well, we have thought about that as well and we came up with the idea that… when your are at the top, the only competition left is… with yourself.

It’s only logical. And philosophical. Because, you know, the greatest battle you will ever have, is the battle with yourself.

And now this battle is real in Imperia Online!

So, we proudly present you the My Best Achievements module!

It will enable players to compete day by day in their current era with their best recorded era. Each player will have access to statistics generated from our system showing their top performance era. Those statistics will be automatically compared with the same statistics the player has in their current era. This way players will be able to check their development in their best days and adjust their current, if need be. And if there’s no need – more glory to the player, who is obviously making his best era in the realm so far!

The categories, in which the comparison will be made, are:

  • Networth points
  • Military
  • Buildings
  • Technologies
  • Income

So, there you go, Your Majesties – your personal Competition with Yourself!

Because competing with others is too mainstream anyway!

One comment on “Compete with yourself in Imperia Online
  1. The new achievement is available only on the web version by the way. Again doesn’t matter what happens in the other platforms. As in the real life, the corruption exist in the game as well. The players with money do the difference, they are allowed to use script and to not respect the game rules destroying the fun. Most of game employees are playing on most of realms without any limit on using diamonds and items. Players should be asked by administrators what they like to have new in the game. Too many realms with less players in them. The game few years ago was good but now the administration fucked it in their run after money.

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