Croatia and Bulgaria Face Tough Times in Group Stage

Poland and Romania with “easy time” in their groups after the live draw

Croatia and Bulgaria Face Tough Times in Group Stage

Less than 24 hours remain until the World Cup 2016 Group Stage starts and we can now safely say that we can expect some massive fights ahead of us. The leading 36 teams live draw yesterday sent the defending World Champion Croatia against both Russia and Germany in Group one, along with Iran, which made it to the bronze medals two years ago. It’s worth mentioning that this is the second time the Russians and the Persians will clash with Croatia, as the three teams were together last year in Group 8.

The two times World Champion Bulgaria will have to deal with Colombia and Hungary in group 9 and the traditionally tough Balkan team of Bosnia and Herzegovina will have to face a probable South American storm, as the 2014 World Champion Brazil, along with Uruguay and Ecuador will be anything but merciful. Romania, Poland and the rest of the leading teams will most likely have less problems in their groups, with the single exception of maybe Turkey, as they will have to deal with aggressive fighters like Venezuela and Moldova.

The final “seeding” of the rest of the teams in the groups, after the Qualifiers’ end last night, did not make the situation better for Croatia and Bulgaria, as United States and Indonesia turned out in Group 1 and Mexico, Netherlands and Montenegro were placed in Group 9.

All in all we have exciting 2 weeks ahead of us, in which the teams will have to determine the 30 finalists to compete for the medals. Only the first 3 places in each group guarantee a spot in the Grand Finale, along with the best 3 teams, ranked at 4th place.

The Group Stage begins on November 2nd, 3 PM Server Time.

The national teams are ready for total war.

Are you?

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