Croatia – The New Lords of Imperia!

Epic castle battles in the last 2 days of the World Cup!

Croatia - The New Lords of Imperia!

Croatia is the new undisputed World Champion of Imperia Online for 2015! This is the second title for the Balkan team, which proved to be the best of the best this year! Romania won the silver medal and Poland managed to grab the bronze! Bulgaria, Brazil, Spain, Georgia and their allies have tried their best to challenge the Croatian supremacy in the second week of the tournament and fought to the very last minute, in order to turn the tide, so they deserve much respect as well. 51 times castles, owned by nations, were conquered by rival teams, with 20 of these assaults happening during the last 2 days of the tournament! Finally the Croatians emerged victorious, keeping all of their major holdings unscathed, which allowed them to generate large amounts of influence points and close the World Cup in advance.

Congratulations to the winners and to all of the participants in this year’s Battle of All Battles!

You shall be remembered!

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