Croatia’s World Title Hangs on a Thread

Imperia Online’s 2015 Champion got a taste of his own medicine

Croatia's World Title Hangs on a Thread

The World Cup 2016 Final Phase is entering its most decisive stage, but only 3 days after it started, the defending world champion Croatia was in for a surprise. The balkan superteam decided to go with its classic style – rush half the map with a fast army and scare off most of the national teams with its territorial presence. Croatia has been using this tactic for a long time and in most cases it could be very effective, if you execute it properly. By the time your rivals come up with an effective counter-plan, you have already built-up your defenses and you can take your time and wait for them to move. This type of gameplay style is very simple and, if performed by a good team – can secure your top spot for the rest of the Final, because you only need to build up your influence and defend the castles. This tactic also has a very demoralizing effect, putting everyone in the role of a catching up and playing on your terms. That’s how Croatia won its last title. A sound tactic indeed.

But there was one team, who knew exactly how will the champion open up its Final gambit and had the right answer for it – Poland. The 2015 bronze medalist patiently raised its members’ net worth points and built an army, consisting of units, which have a single purpose – to counter Croatia’s fast conquering army.

And then the impossible happened – one by one, the champion’s castles began to fall into Polish hands. For the first time in years Croatia not only met its match, but is now put in strategic disadvantage, with only 2 castles remaining in the south-eastern corner of the map. It is the event we have all hoped and waited for – a true clash for the world title.

And now we ask ourselves – will Poland try to finish Croatia once and for all? Or will the defending world champion make a final stand and try to organize a counter-offensive?

There is still time for both. And all eyes are fixed on the two giants, waiting for their final clash, which will answer all questions.

Welcome to the World Cup, people!

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