Cvetan Rusimov with mentorship session in Kuala Lumpur

Our studio was one of the many GameFounders guests in Malaysia

GameFounders Kuala

GameFounders is a global game accelerator that helps studios enhance their game development and business skills. Each program lasts three months, and offers selected teams access to resources and networks, guidance from industry experts, playtesting sessions, pitch practices, and even trips around the world to gaming events and successful game studios.

10 international game development studios were part of the 4th investment GameFounders international program that focuses on cultivating talent by providing financial support, mentorship, and a host of other benefits, held in Kuala Lumpur. Every studio had signed the incorporation papers – allowing GameFounders to invest money in each team. One of the 3 experienced mentors, was our COO, Cvetan Rusimov, helping them to turn their premium games into monetizing f2p titles.

Did we mention what honor it is for us to be part of this great endeavor?
Oh, yes, we did.

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