Cvetan Rusimov’s interview with DevStyler regarding Bulgaria’s Top Software Companies

This text has been taken from an interview which Cvetan Rusimov, our COO, gave for DevStyler, a Bulgarian website discussing all things related to software developers and specialists. You can read it here: 

  • What defines a company in the software industry as successful?

I’ve said this a lot of times that success has many faces. For some it may be happy employees, for others the satisfaction of their customers, for some it is the path of growth, the replacement of a small office with a larger one and ect. Business, like life, is an endless game and there are no winners – just those who have stayed longer. In this line of thinking, comparing financial results in a discrete period is not the right measure of a company’s success. Let me ask you, which company is more successful – the one that ended with a profit of 2 million or the one at zero revenue, that donated 2 million to make a school?

  • Can a successful business be developed in Bulgaria? Why? What are the pros and cons?

If you look in the dictionary for the meaning of the word business you will find – work, trade, profession … ect. The world has been doing business since it exists. Successful business can be run anywhere, including in Bulgaria. Successful business requires more courageous visionaries, but of the type that actually make it happen, hard-working people who roll up their sleeves and don’t stop. That’s where the business comes from, not some kind of favorable incubation environment where money rains and you get paid while you pursue your dreams. Unfortunately, I know very few IT people who develop their own projects after 6:30 pm, while their colleagues mostly enjoy life. The role of the country is very important. It must aid businesses by creating clear, adequate, modern rules for the existence and operation of one and updating them on the go! Unlike our current situation – 9 months from home office and raising the taxes on security contributions and punishing its most profitable sectors. Taking care of the business, Bulgarian style.

  • How important is management for the development of a software company? And the team?

How important can it be? It’s like asking me how important a rooster’s head is to his body, because you see there was that one time in Mexico when a rooster lived without a head for 15 days. Well, they’re inseparable. Every company is made up of many teams and they need each other. What kind of manager would I be if I didn’t have a team?

  • Did the crisis affect you? Why did some companies increase their revenues and others had to restructure their business?

It had a positive effect on us. It’s no secret that entertainment software is booming when people are locked up at home and unable to practice much of their social activities outdoors. Every crisis is an opportunity if you live with the thought that it will come and you are prepared and flexible enough to adapt! I am glad that we have such companies! Well, others greeted it like a destructive comet. Others have shifted to digitizing offline trade in Bulgaria, and some are fighting for government procurement. I’m even wondering why we aren’t having big, loud bankruptcies yet, so that traditional offline businesses startle and finally start to digitize with the help of the software industry. Bulgarians must understand that the time of the pencil and the notebook has passed!

  • Is more benefits or higher pay a priority for employees?

With us, the benefits are minimized. I’m not talking about office pampering, such as fruit, coffee and juices – they are available to save you time. Oh, we also have health insurance – we care a lot about that! But all the others – fitness cards, vouchers, free parking, free food, free phones, free “whatever you can think of”, we removed. We took it and calculated how much it costs us and added it to people’s salaries. And now, I personally, with great pleasure order pizzas with the money for my Multisport card. My motto is: “Let people choose what to spend their money on, they know their needs best.”

  • What are the most important qualities of a company that attracts new staff?

It’s different for everyone, I can’t answer that question. Some are looking for development, super modern technology, others to work for a product company, not outsourcing. Others jump from company to company just for money. It’s good that people are different, because it’s very cool when you come across the right colleagues and spend years working with them with pleasure.

  • Which is more important for customers – a quality product, but more time to develop or rapid product development, despite its potential defects?

Haha! I have never heard a customer wanting a quality product for more time. Everyone always wants the best quality, in the shortest possible time. I understand them, but can’t help feeling frustrated. I want the same when I go to talk to my handyman about the bathroom, I want it done for tomorrow, at the lowest price, and to be like in Versailles.

  • Does the location of the office matter when choosing a company?

For people who can afford to choose – yes. If you practice any of the anointed professions that all companies are fighting for, I think where the office is located is definitely a top factor. Okay, in Top 3 factors. I personally will not tire of inviting business partners to meetings in our hall on the 16th floor to hear: “Wow, what a view! Don’t you have an open position for me with you? ” An invaluable start to the negotiations, isn’t it?

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