Cygnus Alliance Grabs Realm of Conquest Special Reward!

Tournament’s Toughest Warriors Kill more than 5,5 mil. Enemy Soldiers

Cygnus AllianceWhat makes an alliance, which is ranked 53rd by net worth points in the Realm of Conquest, a special one? More than 5,5 mil. vanquished enemy soldiers, that’s what! With 18 wars won and one lost, the Cygnus alliance proved its worth to win the Realm of Conquest’s Special Reward. But that’s not all. When you have 10 members, who have killed more than 100 000 soldiers, when you have your leader killed more than 1,3 mil. enemy soldiers, when you don’t have a member who hasn’t killed any enemy soldiers, you know you are dealing with some serious, tough and very determined warriors.

You don’t want do get on these boys and girls’ bad sides. You just don’t.

Congratulations, Cygnus alliance!

Indeed you are mighty warriors!

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