Dark Fortress Brings Entire Realms Together

Entire realms in Imperia Online are about to unite in order to bring down the Dark Fortress – one of the most epic challenges to date!

The Dark Fortress

On several occasions a huge fortress will spawn on the Global map, waiting all Hell to break loose upon it. It doesn’t have any army to defend it – just an extraordinarily strong fortress wall.

The only condition for defeating the colossal structure is to pour enormous amounts of damage on it, which requires most of the currently active players on the realm to attack in the 24-hour time frame.

It’s a competition on many levels: the player that has done the most damage to the Dark Fortress will receive a huge reward and the same goes for the one that gets to deliver the final blow to the epic building.


The great news for the participants in the massive attack is that they won’t lose any part of their armies and every battle is considered a victory for them. Each player that contributes to the Fortress’ destruction will receive awesome rewards. The best ranked players and Alliances will get additional prizes based on their hourly income. And that’s not all – even more types of rewards will be added in the near future.

Keep an eye out for the epic addition and prepare your best units to storm the Dark Fortress!

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