Darthwall: Russia, Romania and USA will be the main competition for Brazil

One of Brazil’s “new generation” in this year’s World Cup answers the hard questions about the South American powerhouse’s plans for total domination.

He is one of the “new guys” in the Brazilian line-up, who are tasked with securing a title by all means necessary this year. He has numerous medals and individual achievements, including a Grand Slam, which make him more than worthy to be a National Contestant for Brazil. His name is Darthwall and he was kind enough to answer some hard questions about Brazil’s hopes and dreams for a new Cup.

IO: Brazil came back in full force during the Qualifiers and in the Group Stage they had an easy draw. We can see quite a lot of strong players in the line-up Has the time come for a second Brazilian title?

Darthwall: I can’t say whether it will be this year or next one. Our goal, just like in 2014, is to get into the final Top 3. There are lots of strong teams in the competition.

IO: What will be Brazil’s style in the Group phase? Team-oriented or leadership-oriented, in which 2 or 3 players will call the shots and the rest of the team will comply?

Darthwall: During the Group Stage we have to be completely focused in creating numerous strategies, to create a team and to have a leader, who will keep everyone in line.

IO: Are the important posts in the alliance already negotiated and who will be the leaders?

Darthwall: Yes, the leaders will be Pegasuuss и Sr.savi

IO: A surprisingly powerful start for USA and Egypt in both the Qualifiers and the Group Phase. Will Brazil have to take these teams into account? What about the other teams?

Darthwall: Yes, they will be a strong competition, same as the other teams. The World Cup has always been very competitive and this is what makes it the best tournament in Imperia Online. It’s epic.

IO: Besides Brazil’s performance, we cannot pass by Poland, as well as the defending World Champion Bulgaria. How will Brazil deal with them?

Darthwall: We are making plans as we speak. We are prepared for all sorts of trouble that might appear.

IO: Brazilian players are traditionally quite emotional and sometime this can get them in trouble. How will you solve this “problem”?

Darthwall: We will have a single leader, who will dictate the rules clear and on point. He will be the guy to plan, organize and name targets.

IO: Who will be Brazil’s friends and allies on this World Cup? Any diplomatic talks being made already?

Darthwall: We don’t have allies yet. But I’m sure other teams have already begun such talks.

IO: What will be Brazil’s strategy for winning the Cup?

Darthwall: To win the World Cup our main strategy will be to be organized, to plan well and to play as a team.

IO: Which teams will be the main threat/competition for Brazil on this title?

Darthwall: Russia with Professor99, Romania with Robertlc and USA with Achilles.

Full tournament info at: https://worldcup.imperiaonline.org

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