DeathSquad alliance wins Summer Games and this is no surprise

The Spring Games winners continue to dominate Imperia Online’s tournaments.

DeathSquad alliance has won the 2018 Imperia Online Summer Games and it’s not a big surprise.

7 other alliances – Poland (2nd place), Olimp (3rd place), _DamnedS_, Phoenix_wrath, Heineken and BULGARIA have also won medals and this is not a surprise either.

Rather, it’s becoming a tradition to have multiple alliances getting medals in the Games.

Same thing happened in Spring Games and in Winter Games before them.

The surprise is actually the fact that DeathSquad didn’t go all the way to get all the 13 gold medals.

They had the potential, they had the team composition, they had the necessary power to do it.

Are 9 gold medals enough to get the 1st place? Of course they are.

Will DeathSquad try to get them all next time? They better do, because they will make many people happy, including us, the people who watch them playing, here in the studio.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants in the Summer Games!

Full tournament info can be found here.

One comment on “DeathSquad alliance wins Summer Games and this is no surprise
  1. they make you happy for the money. the game is bad not strategic militar game. and support allow cheating. No same support for latin than for bulgarians. not equal.
    my advice: not plays this. all fix

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