DeathSquad Wins Spring Games 2018

The mighty alliance left no corner for the competition, denying any and all options for challenge.

DeathSquad did it, indeed.

Taking a solid lead early in the tournament, they continued to win discipline after discipline right until the very end.

But it was not only them.

Surely, they are a strong alliance and they deserve the 1st place, but everyone kind of expected more from JedyMaster_Ioda (silver medal) and especially from EliteWarriors (bronze).

Both alliances could give DeathSquad a better run for their money, but they had different plans, obviously.

Good news is two more alliances got themselves medals – Olimp (1 bronze) and SMISHISHI (2 bronze).

And the really interesting news is that for the first time in the history of the Games tournament we have an alliance without medals – Corsarios – which has ranked better than an alliance with medals – SMISHISHI.

All in all the Spring Games 2018 were good and were used in the most optimal way – to train the players for the upcoming tournaments, especially for the World Cup, which is due in the early fall.

Congratulations to the winners, the medalists and to everyone, who participated in Spring Games 2018!

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