Defending World Champion Croatia to Be Challenged by Poland

Halfway through World Cup Qualifiers the gold medalists may have a worthy rival

Defending World Champion Croatia to Be Challenged by Poland

23 nomad waves have already passed since the Imperia Online most elite tournament’s Qualifiers started, which puts the contestants right in the middle of their journey towards glory and immortality. More than 14,000 players from 128 countries have joined the epic Clash of Nations, in order to prove themselves worthy to defend their nations’ honor. But only the first 30 players from each country will earn the right to be in the national teams. The intense and merciless Qualifiers will make sure that only the best of the best from each nation will go to the competition’s Group Stage, where they will face each other and the true war will commence.

And looking at the statistics halfway through the Qualifiers, we can safely say that the defending World Champion Croatia will not have an easy time in this tournament.

9 out of the 10 top players by net worth points at the moment are Croatians and… Polish. It gets better when you look at the top 10 military points ranking – 5 players from Croatia, 5 players from Poland. No surprise, you will say. Poland got the bronze medal last year. They are worthy indeed. The difference is this time the bronze medalists are backed up by “fresh blood” – several elite players from other nations have joined their ranks and are currently strengthening their Top 30 positions. When asked why they would play for Poland, the only answer was: “So we can defeat Croatia.”

Will the current King of Imperia Online meet his match?

How will the other top nations in the World Cup react to this upcoming rivalry?

We will know for sure when the Qualifiers end and when the true battle begins. Until then – we wait, we watch the contestants fighting the Nomad Horde… and we look for the national teams to form.

10 days remain. The clock is ticking.

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  1. This is johnzilla …….. BOOOOOOOOOM ……. I do not speak much, but I can say that my intel tells me that Poland wants the gold ….. hahahahahaha …. no chance of that … so please, stop telling everyone you are allied with Croatia:)

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