Dijana Armanda: Clerk By Day, Conqueror By Night

Imperia Online has some of the most diverse players in terms of profession, age and interests. A typical example of the difference between what expectations and reality is Dijana Armanda – a member of the Croatian national team that won IO’s 2013 World Cup.

Dijana Armanda with her teammates from the Croatian National IO Team.


DijanaBy day Dijana is just a regular clerk at the local post office. By night, however, she becomes Uncutica – a wise strategist and a merciless conqueror in Imperia Online’s world. The game is more than entertainment to her – through the virtual unions Dijana has met tens of fellow Croatians who she meets with in person several times a year.

‘I travel to different parts of the country every now and then and those friends and I always find the time for a cup of coffee’, the world champion says.

She also admits she still hasn’t had the opportunity to meet some of her closest in-game allies in person, but is glad enough she had the opportunity to get to know them in the first place.

Knowing so many awesome people thanks to the game is not surprising at all, having in mind she joined ‘the world that never sleeps’ in 2009 when she stumbles upon a random ad on the internet. ‘I started playing version 4 while I was hooked up on another strategy game’, she clarifies.


According to Dijana (sitting on the floor to the right) trust is the key factor in building a successful team.

According to Dijana (sitting on the floor to the right) trust is the key factor in building a successful team.

Dijana gives the credit for her glory and success in Imperia Online to the strong trust the Croatian national team is built on. Aside from trust however, as a tip to champion-wannabies she points out calmness: ‘Thinking rationally and not letting anyone’s paranoia affect your skills and knowledge are the key factors in my experience.’

Despite her knowledge and experience, Dijana admits she’s not sure if she can be of any help with strategy tips about the upcoming World Cup, due to ‘Version 6 being way more challenging’ than those she got her biggest achievements on.

You can also see a conversation with her in the official video about the celebration Imperia Online organized in honor of 2013’s world champions:

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