Divide and Conquer in Golem Wars!

1024x1024Prepare your brains and iOS devices for a challenge that will captivate your mind! Divide and conquer territories with the help of your faithful Tiny Elementals and prove your strategy skills by achieving perfect scores!

With its diverse and unique maps, Imperia Online’s latest mobile game – Golem Wars – will keep you entertained for hours.

The great news however is that you can even play short sessions and feel as satisfied as if you’ve achieved your greatest goals!

The Woodland Elementals, controlled by you, fight different opponents in the faces of Magma, Sand, and Obsidian Elementals, handled by the AI.

Which way will you chose to develop first and will you try to be rather aggressive or will you play carefully in defence? Each choice matters since the game can take a turn at every moment if you miss something or if you play wisely enough.

And here are the charming characters in their four development forms you’ll be seeing on the screen:

Woodland Enemy elementals Enemy elementals


Lava Elementals

Play ‘Golem Wars’ on your mobile device now and don’t settle for anything less than 3 stars on each map!

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