Dobroslav Dimitrov on Webit 2016

Imperia Online’s co-founder shared some insights at the prestigious convention


‘Our studio has started with $1000 worth computer 10 years ago and has been self-sustained ever since’, Dobroslav Dimitrov said, Imperia Online’s co-founder, during a panel discussion entitled ‘Introduction to Endeavor and lessons learned from leveraging global, local or no capital’.

Together with Vassil Terziev, CIO at Progress Software and Board Member at Endeavor Bulgaria and Lyubomir Yanchev, CEO at Melissa Climate and Endeavor Bulgaria Candidate Entrepreneur, Mr. Dimitrov shared his insights about the virtues of raising local, global or no capital, and the importance of organizations such as Endeavor to facilitate a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem. Angel Kelchev, Managing Director at Endeavor Bulgaria facilitated the discussion. The event was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, between April 19th and 20th.

Dobroslav Dimitrov also stated that the most important component for an endeavor to succeed, is to believe in your own abilities and to work hard. This is the way of Imperia Online’s success, without any foreign investments whatsoever.


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