Dobroslav shares how his first job has influenced him as an entrepreneur

Dobroslav Dimitrov, CEO and co-founder of Imperia Online

This text is adapted from an interview which Dobroslav gave for, a Bulgarian website discussing all things business. We as a team, really loved how the interview turned out, and decided to translate it to English, so we could share it with you.

We hope you enjoy it just as much as we did!

So, without further ado, as Dobri said, let’s take the plunge:

Sitting around rather than working is a grave mistake, this is a strong principle of mine. It really does not matter what work you will do, so – here goes nothing, simply take the plunge. Working gives you the opportunity to network and puts you in interesting situations. What you make of them is entirely up to you. Whether you will learn a valuable lesson, gain some life experience or simply earn todays’ wage and end of story.
When I was studying Finance in the States, I started my first job. I was delivering pizza for 4 years. A typical job for a college student – minimum wage and very hectic. Yet, many of the habits and impressions from then are highly pronounced in me today. The job taught me to be punctual, responsible and persistent, all qualities, which invariably have helped me as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, our managers were leading us by example, rather than “playing boss”. They worked the most – whether they were helping make the pizzas in the kitchen or were cleaning the shop after the shift, they never let themselves wander and they never let us either. I took this mindset and experience with me back to Bulgaria, this is how I met Moni, founded Imperia and continued to grow. This experience is what led us to establish our internship programs as an integral part of Imperia Online, enabling us to pass it on to bright young minds. We share with them our agile framework, our fun and inclusive work culture, and what it truly means to build a meaningful and global product.
My advice to any young person is to start working as soon as possible, don’t wait for an “office job”, don’t justify yourself with your studies -be proactive, get on the market and start climbing the ladder of success.

The article can be found on this link, please note it is in Bulgarian only.

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