DreamTeam Wins Imperia Online: Winter Games

The alliance made out of some of the best players currently in our game, proved its worth.


8 gold medals and 55 game points were enough for DreamTeam to be crowned as the Winter Games champion.

The alliance, which had some of the most respected and famed members, retained its 1st position throughout the entire tournament and not for one moment did it make us believe it would have any problems winning the competition. The most interesting fact about this alliance is that it had members from nations, which were mortal enemies, which fought each other just 3 months ago in the World Cup.

But not now.

Now they played as one and denied everyone else from any dreams of achieving something more. Which is commendable and goes to show that teamplay and common cause can bring together even the greatest rivals. We respect that.

Good words must be said about the runner-ups, of course – Super_Ferme and RED_ARMY, who won the 2nd and 3rd place. And while Super_Ferme’s excellent performance might not be considered a surprise, because of its team composition full of “fresh” World Cup medalists, we cannot skip what RED_ARMY did in this tournament; they confirmed the rise of a new superpower nation in Imperia Online – Russia.

Will the Russians confirm their new celebrity status in the following tournaments – only time will tell.

And new tournaments are coming pretty soon – we guarantee you that.

Congratulations to all the teams, which participated in the Winter Games and made this tournament a pleasure to watch.

Strength and Honor, brave warriors! You are now immortal!

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