Everybody Loves Charts!

A long-waited feature is on its way to Imperia Online Realms

ChartsIn Imperia Online we certainly believe that we are not the only ones, who love charts. We believe that everybody loves them. That’s why we decided that Imperia Online players should definitely have progression charts in their accounts. These charts will be divided in four categories – Economy, Military, Trade and Miscellaneous.

Important aspects and stats in the players’ Empires like military units numbers, battles, networth points accumulation, royal family events and many others will now be instantly displayed to provide the rulers with additional and valuable information – all in one place!

The new feature, which is “far too long-waited”, according to its creator’s words, will start to improve our lives and make us happier Emperors and Empresses in just a couple of weeks, when it will be deployed in the Imperia Online Realms.

All players are expected to rule their domains in such way that their charts will only go upwards!

Because we all know that everyone wins in Imperia Online!

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