First Tactical Blitz Realm In V6 Is On Its Way!

The first Version 6 Tactical Blitz realm is about to open in a few days. There hasn’t been such a realm since version 5 of Imperia Online and it will surely appeal to all of you who are still attached to the previous version.

The new international realm is special with its development speed being x4, but army movement speed being x1.

If you’re among V5’s fans, just wait a few more days when the registrations become available and dive into the Tactical Blitz realm!

In comparison, the slowest speed in Version 6 so far has been x2. This makes the attack speed in the upcoming realm unique.

Development speed x4 on the other hand means 4 times the amount of resources produced on 1 hour and 100 workers basis. Same goes for gold: 4 times the amount of gold exacted as a tax on 1 hour and 100 workers basis, and so on.

Stay tuned for the exact date the realm is going to open!

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