Four months since having Crush Them All!

Is it any good? Why would you ask that?!?

Do you, guys, play Crush Them All?
You should be, as this is yet another game which is already part of our world!

Since Crush Them All has been with Imperia Online (4 months) we’ve been working hard to improve it and satisfy the players. Just like we do with all the games we love.
With 16 years of experience, a 28 games portfolio and 60mln players, Imperia Online only lacked a fast-paced game before. And while we have RPGs title under our belt, Crush Them All, an ‘idle-RPG’ game is a new new challenge that we are confident of mastering.
What did we do so far? We’re glad you asked:

Improvements: New tournament type (Rune related)
Individual battle speed for all PvP modes (Arena, Blitz, Guild Wars and Crusade battles)
Quality of life improvements (UI/UX related)
Ability to break multiple runes with single action
A more convenient way to re-play the DD
Hero rebalances
3x prisms at ascend
Bonus items to in-game currency packs

What else is there to be said? Ah, yes – download the game’s latest version from GooglePlay or Appstore and start playing!
And… Crush Them All!

One comment on “Four months since having Crush Them All!
  1. All your so called “improvements” are either p2w or totally useless.
    I’ve played CTA just over two years before you came and ruined it.
    3x ascends are useless, you can’t use them during prism event. And they cost double the x2. So during prism event you can get x4 for 80 flooz, instead of X3 for 160.
    Not sure what you mean by UI enhancements. You added an exit button on a tab where an X was already visible? Woo, great coding!!!
    There’s always been an option to pay your way towards the top in this game, but it also worked as f2p. You guys made sure the first week that f2p people can f off. Now you can reach the absolute top of the iceberg within days, smh…
    And how about the latest pack you added, 100 arena tickets? Then when people bought it and used them, they got in-game warning of ban due to unusual amount of arena battles done? Hahaha, you guys suck
    Especially drebonk

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