Free Time or Remote Internship in 2020?

Taking an online internship is one of the best ways to kickstart your career.

When the academic year is over or online, it’s always so tempting to throw yourself head-first into your post-finals bucket list. The dilemma to some is huge. But a select few of other students have made plans to forgo their free time and work even more through completing an internship. Let’s take a closer look at the Marketing and Biz Dev trainees at Imperia Online JSC during 2020.

Marina Dakova. Marina is studying Product Marketing & Project Management in Austria, and for a year she went to Finland under Erasmus. It was in Helsinki that she became part of the team for the preparation of one of the largest business forums in the Nordic countries, the Nordic Business Forum, which she ranks as one of the most exciting work experiences she had so far – she sees George Clooney live, and she herself has a great love for cinema. During her internship as a Marketing and Biz Dev in Imperia Online, she had the opportunity to work in event organization again, albeit online, because half of her internship was virtual. It started on the spot in February, during the inter-semester vacation for a month and she returned for two more months in the summer with many more ideas for the product marketing of the games on the German partner sites.

Vilimir Petkov. Vilimir won a green card for the United States 3 years ago, but completing a bachelor’s degree in Denmark is far more tempting than a party that never stops in Miami Beach. On top of that, V spent 24 hours on a dune in the Sahara, under the watchful eye of the sand people. A tour of Morocco is certainly not to be missed, but he does not recommend anyone to do it alone, especially if they have blond hair and striking eyes. With Spanish and Portuguese in his pocket, he not only quickly completes sales tasks, but is also actively involved in product management, because his internship, although entirely online, is for half a year and he wants to try everything in the games industry.

Desislava Lozanova. Desi will be in her fourth year at the American University in Bulgaria, where she is engaged in many extracurricular activities, such as – organizing the Olympic Games in Southwestern Bulgaria and dancing. On top of that, Desislava also loves to travel, she was on a Work and Travel Program in the United States and went all the way to Niagara Falls. It is not clear, however, whether she jumped from it with a barrel. What is clear, however, is that Desi loves creative tasks and teamwork, so although with the option of remote work, she prefers to go to the office often. But who doesn’t like views from the 16th floor?

Alexandra Zheleva. Alex was born in Burgas and according to her this is the most beautiful city. From an early age she told the people around her how she would one day live in London and that’s what happened. It shatters the myths about how unsuitable a country to live in is England, as she already has a favorite city there – Bristol. Those of you who have seen her in the office know that Alex is taking a few courses to the kitchen. Why? Because she is obsessed with coffee and collecting coffee cups. Outside the office, in addition to resting, Alex goes hunting for new types of coffee. As her “modest” dream is to one day have her own cafe. In addition to the sea, Alex loves to cross the mountains and enjoy the tranquility of nature. There she practiced her favorite hobby – photography. On top of that, Alex has made a short film that has won awards in Spain and Tokyo and was screened at the New York Film Festival. That’s why we trusted her with the 15th anniversary video of the company. Did we get your attention? Alex is also involved in the maintenance of social networks and will stay more than 6 months as an intern in order to unleash her full creative potential.

Aleksandar Aleksov. Last trainee who joined the team for a summer internship is Aleksandar. ‘Imperia Online has given me the chance to take a look at the gaming industry from another point of view, from within the mechanics of the actual games.’ he said. Ace is part of the Marketing & Business Development team at Imperia Online, concentrated mainly on research and sales and at the same time a full-time student at the American University in Bulgaria. He had the chance to add on his educational skills from universities both in Europe and the United States but he believes that the working experience has been a big influence on his personal and educational development as well.

Let’s not forget these two guys who started their internship in late November 2019 for 3 months: Dimitar Terziev and Simeon Stanev. Dimitar is currently studying at Sofia University his final year. He plays guitar and loves skiing. Simeon is an extreme sportsperson- he jumps with a bungee, rafting, rides motorcycles and also has jumped with a parachute once. His passion is user acquisition and social media channels, so now he is a freelancer, helping different businesses. Here both drinking Christmas coffee with the team: 

Having so many interns is a very rewarding experience for the current members of the Marketing & Biz Dev team as well. A remote internship includes many of the same aspects of a traditional in-person environment including, meetings with a supervisor or teammates, completing a mix of individual and group projects, and learning about the overall company culture and the game industry. We provide internships for durations of 3 to 7 months, with working hours varying from 20-40 per week. The choice is yours. We’d love to be your mentors and give know-how about the game industry to the community this way.

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