Imperia Online goes to Game Connection 2015!

Warm reception in Paris

We decided to drop by the Game Connection conference in Paris last week. Besides buying a copious amount of Eiffel Tower shaped souvenirs, we also managed to meet with gamers, indie game studios founders and AAA studios executives. We discussed the pros and cons of open sourcing game content and capacity of mods to transform gaming.

Imperia Online goes to Game Connection 2015!

Our COO, Cvetan Rusimov, giving a talk on open sourcing game code.
The other speakers are Sylvain Cornillon from Bossa Studios, Gustavo Aires from Level Up Games, and Cameron Dunn from Riot Games.

If you want to meet us at another convention, follow this blog! Next up, we’re going to Berlin Games Forum on the 12th-13th November. Write us a line at if you want to meet us!

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