Game of Emperors in Greenlight Process

The hit MMORTS to be approved by the world’s largest online platform

Game of Emperors in Steam

Do you want to play, live and feel like a true medieval ruler in a beautifully drawn cinematic medieval world, which never sleeps? If you do, then we would humbly ask you to support Game of Emperors in one of its greatest rites of passage – the Steam Greenlight! Following the successful integration of two other labels – Imperia Online and Balls! The Game, the next top game by your favorite studio is on its way to become part of the world’s biggest online retailer – Steam. The features? We are glad you asked:

  • MMO Strategy with deep and rewarding gameplay
  • Develop your Empire and expand its borders
  • Team up with friends via the Alliance system
  • Epic Global Events
  • Large scale PVP Alliance Wars
  • Defend against Barbarian camps and crush them
  • Play an important part in the development of your Great People
  • Rise above millions of players around the World in more than 20 languages

Act, rule and conquer! The future of the Empire is in Your hands!

The only thing, which remains is to log into your Steam account and vote for Greenlight on this address:

We promise you nothing short of an ultimate Medieval experience!

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