Gamescom 2020 Experience

This year a lot of virtual events have been happening not only in our industry but also in others as well. We are so digitised that the impact on the Gaming industry was not that major and it didn’t really make a difference in regard to our work. 

Since January everything has shut down and conferences such as White Nights, PGConnect and even Gamescom, events that get every gaming production company hyped every year, have also transitioned into sitting behind your desk or conference room and chatting to colleagues from the other side of the globe while you’d much rather be sitting on a panel booth with them surrounded by game lovers and enthusiasts.

In our jobs we need to be highly adaptable therefore thankfully our Marketing and Biz Dev Team had no problem dealing with the new changes that occured this year. (You can’t even mourn about the fact that we were unable to travel because there is work that needs to be done.) It was unfortunate that there were people who were about to visit Gamescom for the first time this year but nonetheless they were pretty happy with their virtual experience as well. 

We wanted to make sure that this year was remembered and share a little bit of insight of our Marketing and Biz Dev Team’s experience compared to previous years.

There is no doubt that there is an enormous difference when you are on the site.

“It is definitely an experience. Always running around, making sure at the same time there are at least two people at your panel. There have been cases that we don’t even have time to go to the hotel to leave our luggages when we land, we just lock them in storage and run to the conference. It is very dynamic and simultaneously anxious before departure – making sure we have brought everything – merch, brochures, tablets, laptops, plane tickets…” our CMO Mariela Tzvetanova shares.

“This year it was going to be my seventh Gamescom and I was eager to visit the city again with all the cosplay and Gamescom spirit but unfortunately there were some circumstances that weren’t in our hands. However this year was no less fun, just different in some aspects. The fact that everyone missed Koelnmesse actually made us feel closer with each participant and it was easier to start a conversation online.”

For our Marketing and Biz Dev Specialists Vasil Gospodinov and Aleksandar Ivanov it was their first time at Gamescom this year and they both were still very excited for it though it was virtual. 

They share the same thoughts: “It was fun and new. The fact that most people were still excited even though the event was online made things so much easier. The networking part was great as there were various people in attendance and it was easy to find someone interesting to arrange a chat with.” shares Aleksandar.

“We have been attending online conferences all year, and I can honestly say that Gamescom was the one event which everyone took seriously, obviously not as many people as previous years but quality is more important.” added Vasil.

It is crucial to make up the best out of situations like this. Even though digitally you are still able to get acquainted with the industry a bit better by meeting lots of people from big and small companies with different goals, struggles and experiences.

One of our interns Aleksandar Aleksov shares his insights as well: “The way this year’s Gamescom was organized made everything feel like it was normal just that all of us needed to attend it through our computers. Nevertheless, this did not reduce any of the qualities that this conference has and everyone still kept their professionalism high and goals clear.”

A positive trend is emerging towards improving the online experience while attending such events. It becomes easier and less frustrating to be part of an online conference as it was in the beginning of the year. Another great step in the right direction given the circumstances which in the long run might serve our industry well.

For conclusion we asked our Team to share their favourite part of the whole event:

Mariela felt pleased that she got the chance to talk about Bulgaria a bit more. “Giving insights about my country to more and more interested colleagues from the game industry felt great.” Also, she was happy that her two trainees hopped on all of the meetings. “This online Gamescom was the best opportunity for my interns to feel part of the team even more and participate in negotiations.”

Another of those interns Alexandra Zheleva shared with us: “The fact that this virtual event gave the chance to many people from all around the world to attend and meet people with similar interests and ideas. Us included, we established new connections and potential partnerships just because we had the opportunity to sit and talk without the rush that is on site.” 

There is some bright future in the virtual conferences. Going to them reduces the contact feeling and changes the atmosphere but however there are a lot of benefits in it as well.

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